SPS Protective Services, in partnership with our clients, provide tailored integrated security solutions for a wide range of business needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to combine advanced integrated security solutions. Our breadth of services enables us to cater to a range of businesses across multiple industry sectors.


Tailored client services.

security guards

We are of the firm belief that every security guard is an ambassador of the company. Their abilities and professionalism are a reflection of our standards. That is why, for ensuring that the standards are met every guard is hired through an exhaustive selection process. So, be assured that SPS Security will provide you with licensed.


Customised control plans.

Crowd Control

We are very passionate about providing our clients with the best crowd management. Be it site-specific crowd controls or traffic controls on any venue, no task is too big for our extremely talented and professional team which has the best crowd control plans ready for every situation.


Equipped with the best technology.

Loss Prevention

There is always a chance of loss at the workplace. Our highly trained staff equipped with the best technology helps us in protecting our clients from potential losses. Our clients remain safe through the actions and arrangements at their premises – which clearly is due to the professionalism of our staff.

mobile patrols
& alarm response

Extremely responsive patrol team.

mobile patrols & alarm response

Our responsible and extremely responsive team of mobile patrol responds to every alarm activation immediately and waits for the alarm engineer of the emergency services provider. Our fantastic team also provide internal as well as internal patrols of the premises.

corporate &
event security

Customised security strategy.

corporate & event security

We provide venue and open spaces security. No matter the size or scale of the event or venue, our security guards are adaptable and prepared. We deliver a customised security strategy for every event or venue, by looking at every aspect and detail carefully. Our professional risk management team for event security Sydney and Melbourne.

concierge &
customer service

A positive customer experience.

concierge & customer service

SPS concierge security services distinctively cover the operations of front desk, concierge and doormen services. All concierge security staff are well skilled in hospitality and customer service. Our professional, engaging and informative staff possess excellent organisational skills and business etiquette to deliver a positive customer experience.

COVID Marshalls

Helping reduce the risk for all.

concierge & customer service

Abnormal body temperature is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. We offer our professional and experienced security services together with products to help measure the temperature of your staff and visitors. This can greatly reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and help to keep your business and employees safe.
We can also offer electronic security solutions to minimize the human touch whilst maintaining a high standard of safety to your business.

Electronic Security

Install, maintenance & upgrades.

concierge & customer service

Electronic security is critical in the protection of business and organisations in the modern world. Our security consultants work with our clients directly to survey the premises and recommend a security solution that is appropriate. Our experience and attention to detail will ensure that your install, maintenance and upgrades of equipment are seamless and not disruptive to the business.

We also offer our clients ongoing support from our expert staff, who are experienced to maintain, repair and troubleshoot your electronic security devices.