SPS Protective Services support local communities through the fostering and support of on-going relationships built on trust and goodwill.

In addition to providing employment opportunities within local communities, we are committed to making a difference through a range of partnerships, sponsorships, and donations.

As an Australian owned company, we believe in reinvesting in Australia for Australians through our involvement in a range of community support and programs. For SPS this involves:

  • Giving back to our community
  • Supporting Indigenous communities
  • Domestic violence victims, and;
  • Mental health services

Modern Slavery Act

While we are not subject to the reporting requirements stipulated in the Act, we are and will continue to review and refine our workplace practices to ensure the health and safety of our supply chains and welfare of all persons impacted by our operations. SPS is committed to improving the communities in which we operate. We guarantee that our operations are compliant with all regulatory standards under the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018.